We are a collection of people who want to advance the development of skateparks in the Portland, Oregon area.

Portland has some of the rainiest weather in the nation, yet we still have no publicly funded covered skateparks. We want to implement the Skatepark System plan of 2008 that calls for at 5 large covered skateparks to meet the demand for skatepark usage. Although many skateparks have been built that were proposed by this System Plan, we have yet to build one covered facility since this plan began to be implemented in 2008. We want to begin building the proposed covered facilities as soon as possible.

Tope Sosanya


Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Tope started riding BMX at a young age and has been affected positively by the sport. It is his mission to give back to the community by helping to advance the development of more inclusive community spaces around Portland. Portland now runs his own design consultancy, 0101 Design.

Statement From Tope:

“I have been riding BMX bikes since I was 13 years old. I have been lucky enough to compete in some competitions amateur and professionally in my earlier years. Nowadays I ride for the fun of it. BMX bike riding has fueled my creativity- as it gives me positive endorphins and keeps me thinking creatively.”

Bruce Crisman

Photo Credit: Mark Losey. 1999. Reference can be found online at Snakebite BMX here
Photo Credit: Jason Finn. Article can be found online here

Bruce Crisman is a Portland born and raised, also 2001 Xgames Gold Medal winner, and 2003 Latin American X games gold medalist.